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Tellija/ Client: Tres Amigos
Asukoht/ Location: Baja California, Cabo San Lucas.
Arhitekt/ Architect: Sten Ader, Jan Skolimowski.
Seis/ Status: Ootel /On hold.

The residential house to be projected is located in Pedregal, in Camino De La
Carreta Street, lot No 8. The size of the lot is 626. 25 sq. metres. From the adjacent
lots No 9, 47 and 48 have been built up. No big trees grow on the lot.
The facade of the building faces SW, the beach of Pedregal and the Pacific Ocean.
While projecting the house, the building lot´s natural, gradual soil-relief, which is also
reflected on the topogeodethical digital plan issued by Pedregal, has been used. In
accordance with the soil-relief the house has been projected on different levels.
Because of the favourable location of the lot, from each level of the house maximum
ocean view has been tried to achieve.

The house does not represent the traditional Mediterranean-type architecture, but
tries to adapt to the existing environment. The intention to use the small area of the
lot to the maximal extent has resulted in a small patio (in the middle of the building
lot) with a swimming pool, encircled by interior blocks. Consoles on the levels of 2nd
and 3rd floor imitate the endeavour to touch the sea. The protrusive linear and simple
consoles have been given a softer form by creating an impression as if a protective
shell encircled life inside the house. In order not to make the architecture too
pretentious the choice of materials is rather limited: light-coloured plaster, glass,
metal, wood, natural stone. Console shells are made of monolithic concrete. The free
sides of the shells are filled with glass, to create the impression of airiness. The roofs
are covered with river rocks. There are also many transparent domes in the ceiling
giving light to the livingroom and corridors. The doors of the first floor are covered
with wooden ribs, contradicting natural and warm wood with warm and beautiful
natural stone. Passages, surrounding the house and stairs are paved with natural